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2014 birthday party
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2014 12 - 10 birthday parties


No flowers, but there is applause; no wine, but there is a blessing! Youlite company regularly for employees organized collective birthday party, let employees in the busy work, you can feel the care between colleagues, and enhance staff's sense of belonging and collective cohesion; employees to promote understanding and exchange, so that each employee practically feel the warmth of the big family of the friends of the Bartlett.

The company held on Christmas day 10 December birthday are birthday party. The party is to be held in the company conference room, the longevity of the six and all the employees and the company's senior leadership to join the party, very happy can always family and we spent together and witness this beautiful moment, their arrival the icing on the cake of the party lively,.



Is sitting in


Birthday party in the facilitator's enthusiasm loud Hello sound opened the prelude, host the first read the list of birthday, then senior leadership of the company a total of 10 December birthday birthday are to extend my sincere greetings and happy birthday, wish their career advancement, and a better life and other colleagues to the oldest people send the birthday wishes. The atmosphere of ebullience, relaxed and happy, brought laughter to the employees. Then, the person responsible for the activities of each person prepared a special gift.



The happy moment to receive the gift


When I wish you a happy birthday......" The familiar melody sounded, party related responsible person holding a birthday cake leisurely, cake put away after, all the lights in the room went out, a total of the longevities of inserted a candle and light up the birthday candle, you sing the birthday song and Xu their birthday wishes. Finally, the God of longevity are cut together this delicious cake, by the God of longevity the cake assigned to each and every one of my colleagues, let us work together to taste the delicious birthday this. 



Wonderful candle light



Longevity are assigned a delicious cake for everyone


At the moment our birthday girl pregnant with excitement, with simple voice tells of youlite provided expectations of this platform thanks and sustenance of inner arch。 



Birthday Speech:



We are tasting the delicious cake.


Our birthday and not to take a method separately for each of your colleagues birthday, instead of using 3 months for colleagues to celebrate a birthday form, by way of playing the game, so that every colleague can be added to the game to promote the emotional communication between us. At the same time, we also take a cooperative nature of the game, so that colleagues can communicate with other colleagues during the event, to enhance the friendship between colleagues and the purpose of unity and cooperation.

Next to our game life, to start our first game, "step on the balloon"





                                     Game ready


Through this game, colleagues better release of their own, and also allows us to see the some of my colleagues in the normal working life of the rare bright side, so that some of the colleagues within the better integrate into the collective factories.






                                      Crazy game in the game


And we take appropriate incentives, improve the enthusiasm of the colleagues of game, so that each colleague can in such games, get happy, harvest smile, the atmosphere was again to a climax, the laughter echoed in the warm room.



                                        Being punished


Finally, each birthday are in - wish tree, wrote their birthday wishes and blessing, hope our birthday wishes to the beautiful flowers in full bloom, fruit harvest numerous.



      Youlite wish tree



   And finally a photo


After planning the efforts of small teams, although there is no gorgeous stage, the venue is somewhat simple, but I see you are still very happy, this is to give us a small team to plan the best return intentions.

In the song "unforgettable tonight" music in our activities is also nearing completion. Through the planning of this activity for me, but also a kind of ability to improve the work.

Birthday party successfully held, condensed the loving care of the leaders of the company, also reflects the extraordinary cohesion of youlite "people-oriented" good atmosphere for the enterprise culture and the enterprise and the staff. Finally, bless company every employee's tomorrow will be better, may youlite aboard the ship sailing in the sea of business smooth, more brilliant!

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