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Interest in 2014 youlite company "celebrate the National Day mid autumn love heart employee activities
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At 16:00 on the afternoon of September 6, 2014, youlite company all staff set downstairs in the company, were preparing set out to the destination - Phoenix Mountain barbecue field


On the road, the company staff style scene shot;


Via Phoenix third industrial zone McDonald's, we stay in front of the door, because the company has prepared a gift for us;

17:00 or so, we arrived at the location of the Lantau Peak barbecue field door;

17:20 barbecue staff to arrange a location for us;


A moment after the break, we started the 2014 Mid Autumn Festival fun activities - tug of war;

Three games two wins system, red yellow blue green PK has emerged in the championship (yellow team);


19:00, Zhang has always awarded prizes to the Champions League group;

19:30 free to stroll around;

20:00, youlite company 8-9 PARTY started a month birthday;

21:30 activity successfully completed, the company staff collective return.

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